volume 1,edition 3, number 3

  from the editors 

Welcome to the new look and feel of burst!  We've moved from a blog to our own domain and with that encountered some new challenges as we've had to learn how to design a website from scratch!   Our goal, however, remains the same -- deliver to Readers poems, visual art, music, essays -- stuff that explodes onto your screen.  As we learn more about website functionality, the site will improve.  Scroll down for the contents.  

This month we've packed the issue with goodness and hope you'll enjoy our discoveries.  The poem section is chock full of diverse offerings from writers of different genres and all ages, for example, Hannah Allard is a college student and David Mott taught college for 30 years!   Norman Ball, a frequent and eloquent contributor to burst! and our own Tom Brady offer up some some thought provoking essays with a political bent as we head into the USA's election day and the visual art included in this issue showcases collaborations to computer part art.    We've got some videos and music to share too. Truly the issue is bursting!

Looking ahead, the Winter Issue will have an International theme.  We'd like to include the world - so start sending us your submissions.   And while we are talking about submissions, a special shout out to the folks at http://www.duotrope.com
those guys work incredibly hard for artists looking to share their gifts as well as the ezines and magazines who publish them. Please make sure you keep your stats up to date and send a few bucks to keep the place going.  

"The true commerce of art is a gift exchange," says Lewis Hyde in his book, The Gift: Creativity and the Artist in the Modern World.  And so with issue 3 of burst! we hope to increase the commerce of art, exchanging gifts given to us by sharing burst! with you.  

Thank you for reading and submitting to our humble little 'ezine.   We look forward to what you've got for us next time around.   

Happy Autumn.  

Lisa & Tom
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