volume 1,edition 4, number 4

Welcome to burst! Issue 4.   Happy 2009.  

We could drone on here about the excitement burst! editors feel now that the United States has a new President, that we are hopefully closing a chapter in presidential history fueled by fascist ways that included governing by fear, oppression and the constant wail of "National Security!" but --

right now we're too busy enjoying our post-election buzz (well I am, Tom is undoubtedly off researching something that will drag History to Now thereby disturbing my small island of comfort) and we would rather share the gifts given to us with you, our Readers.  

I'm sure we'll have some comments and essays (and maybe even a special issue) around this shift to Hope sometime down the road. But for now, we invite you to put all politics aside and experience some goodness from around the globe.  

And don't forget to check out the Contest Page.  We're pleased to be announcing a Poetry Contest that includes a cash prize and full-length poetry book, sponsored by Old Seventy Creek Press.  

Before we begin, here's your moment of wordszen: 

"But for the public, art is not an end in itself;  it is a spiritual experience which is to enrich its life."

from The Flight of the Dragon, An essay on the theory & practice of art in China and Japan, based on original sources by Laurence Binyon, 1927


Essay & Commentary


Old Seventy Creek Press Poetry Contest 

Visual Art

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