Lisa's Song

Lisa's song is magical
in fact, it's a verve sabbatical
There are thirteen black birds
that sing through the intro
in full metal leather, pure anti-disco.

Lisa's song is blue sky lightning
full dressed sex with an ocean widening
crackling static, and waves by the pair
An overgrown yard, like nobody cares
The blowing steam at an alley opening.

The chorus is a bit too long
as the werewolves howl outside
There is no bridge in Lisa's song
As we lost boys fall from sight.

Lisa's song is full of woe
But so many are, don't you know
We grow up fast, we come down slow
And Lisa's is a crimson bow
A song I wrote in case she shows
up tonight to raise her lows.

Lisa's song is full of strings
and a long hallway with shakin' keys
It'll keep you up at night like me
crawling through your memories
Lisa's song is half brand new
a song of what we all went through.

Lisa's song is always drunk
As sailors with no horny luck
It's not the clearest melody
And the verse is all transparencies
Lisa's song is a third right
But the other two are prone to bite

Change if you want
Change if you want to...
God knows I do...

Lisa's song is a roller coaster
It's LSD and a fork with a toaster
Always taking cuts, cuts in line
It's got your and it's got mine
Lisa's song ain't political
But nor is it a fucking rainbow

Lisa's song is against religion
(Not like that was Lisa's decision)
It's all UFO's and astral projection
So sexy it might kill your erection
Lisa's song is all of ours
I heard she wrote it entirely in scars

The chorus is a bit too bright
as our tunnel ends with train
The outro is a falsetto, light...
But full of postponed pain.

Making Love to Patsy Cline ...

Staring at her scar

I blew back her bangs and heard

Angels from the South

Jeremi Britt Handrinos is a poet and an artist living in Los Angeles, California. He is the author of Juno's Peacock and owner of the bookstore, literaturopolis.

He also sings and stuff:

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