Hairdresser Depressed by the Persistent Good Weather
after Salvador Dali's painting, 1934

One who dresses hair.
Skilled with scissors
& a sly glance;
peroxide, wave, perm;
is prone to teasing.

In certain circles
known as The Encyclopedia
of Gossip;
a caricature of a clown
in drag.

A waitress, whose cigarette
hangs off her lips.
The hair sprayed witness
with vowels pronouncing pronouns
adverbs, aiding adjudication.

No one is talking today,
no need for a quick fix
just before the prom.
No interception of paparazzi;
snapping microphones remain calmed.

All the coffee cups are clean & stacked.
The menu is too greasy
to hold onto. The specials
are blurred from blaring sun & sharp shade.
The floor remains hairless. The broom sleeps.

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