Josh Bass is a 24 year old writer/guitarist/singer based out of New York City. At the end of 2007 Josh began working on material for his first official solo recordings. After spending the better part of the year writing he released his self titled CD in September of 2008. With airplay on radio stations around the country, Josh's music is now making its way around the world with its lean towards folk rock. In addition to his own music, Josh Bass also splits his time with his 4-piece blues rock band. Josh's music has also been covered by folk legend Helen Avakian. 

Community Gun - Since 2006, Josh has been lead guitarist and co-songwriter in the blues rock band Community Gun. Together they have played to the crowds of the north east. With a celebrated EP under their belt Community Gun will be heading into the studio again this year for their next studio release. 

Helen Avakian - For her 2008 acclaimed album "I Love the Moon," Helen Avakian looked to Josh Bass's catalog of songs for the title track and the album cl
oser "Goodbyes." With a reworking of the two songs, Helen has made award winning hits out of them with a touch of grace only she is capable of bringing.

Josh Bass- Hold Me Up ©2008.mp3 Josh Bass- Hold Me Up ©2008.mp3
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