on gunshots and love in the ghetto 
of Long Island

7 a.m.

Hempstead is still asleep.
Up and down Delaware Place cars rest 
angled against resistance.

Vermont Avenue waits anxiously for its urban rooster -
The Crackhead of the Month
screams his lullaby, 

The dogs bark -
alarmed, they announce his ineffective danger.

Koji has fallen fast in love
with a plushie white princess coat.
To say any less would do our smitten
kitten an injustice.

At 7 a.m. when Hempstead still sleeps,
before gunshots greet the sun,
it is good to know that love exists -
even in The Ghetto.

Suzi lives in the Mango Mansion located in the ghetto of Long Island. She shares a house with various people who do various things and animals who also do other different various things. She has been published in the anthology, Feeling is First

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